foreign policy

Polarization; left-right, up & down

A Quick point… The term polarization is routinely used in a variety of ways, underscoring the importance of defining the term clearly and distinguishing among types or defining signs of polarization. Broadly, polarization refers to a state in which the opinions, feelings, behaviours, or interests of a group or society become more bimodal and the […]

Optics in politics; varying in number

The lexicographic definition of optics is the scientific study of light, its behaviour, transmission and deflection with other material objects. Being an analysis of vision, sight and light the word Optics predominant use have to be found in politics and specially in analysing the foreign policy and its different dimensions apart from its specific use […]

Cultural dimensions of Foreign Policy

Culture Culture is everywhere.  Everything is Culture.  The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular person or a society are conglomerated in the word “culture”. The conventional concept of culture is seen as a tool that has a separate and isolated existence of its own having nothing to do with the politics and international […]

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