To be, or not to be

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Confessions of an Economic Hit man.

Some may call it an autobiography while others slams it as fictional-biography adding spicy flavours to it for its readers to make it a New York Times bestseller of 2004.

Whatever may be the real motive behind writing this auto/fictional biography, it is both thought provoking and thought pacifying book for its readers depending upon their country of citizenship.

John Perkins in this book describes the story how the powerful countries loot and deceit other poor and weak ones for their own benefit and economic development at the cost of other country’s people and economy who are at the receiving end.

He reviews how United States of America use different tactics and techniques for looting and sabotaging other third world countries natural resources for their own benefit.

Perkins introduce two novel concepts. The first one is the Economic Hitmen (EHMs) and the second one is Corporatocracy.

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The first one is a very influential group that entices other countries leaders to become part and parcel of the American commercial machine that would benefit both, the foreign ruling leaders and American corporations in financial terms. These foreign leaders make such useless contracts with American contractors at the name of their development of their underdeveloped countries.

These economic hitmen are highly qualified professionals who use every technique whether moral are immoral for reaching their goals. The fate of a country & its leader depends upon the systematic planning and the financial loans as is devised by these economic Hitmen.

The author is an economic hitman working for a consultancy firm, Chas. T.  MAIN, who advises third world country into such projects that were to be solely contracted out to the American firms.

The Corporatocracy, the second term, as defined by him, is a conglomerate of corporations, banks and governments working for the development and extension of this global empire.

They define the system, in other words their modus operandi, is beneficial and good as it contributes to the development of mankind in general. This creates a sort of slavery in humans who uses more and more world resources following the specially generated belief among them by the Corporatocracy.

The protagonist poor childhood friendship with his Iranian friend Forhad and his ex-wife Annie led him his indulgence into National Security Administration (NSA) whose experts assessed & trained him to be an economic hitman (EHM) for them.

The consultancy firm MAIN utilizes him for the developmental contract projects of the third world countries. When he became aware of this reality he was tormented but the financial lures as he was getting for his services, acted as sort of sleeping pills for him making believe him that he would reveal the true nature of this world to outside world. 

These hitmen were proactively involved in getting and securing their corporate masters interests in Indonesia, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Iran and Iraq, and also throughout the world.

They would use different techniques and tactics both on the leaders and their people to trap them in their lands.

For example, after deliberate miscalculation about Indonesia GDP growth, the protagonist of the story Perkins is assigned to the heroic ruler of Panama, Omar Torrijos who wanted full sovereignty of Panama both in financial as well as on the territorial lines. Causing to be a hurdle in their work, Omar Torrijos died in mysterious plane crash in 31 July 1981. 

His Successor Manuel Noriega truly followed his spirit for territorial and the financial uplift of Panama. Too much mudslinging were caused by the western media that the Noreiga was a drug ricketier which resulted in the occupation of Panama by US forces on December 1989.  When George H. W. Bush was in the Office.

The same strategy was adopted in the case of Ecuador who’s President Jaime Roldos has wanted all foreign companies to be ousted from his land. In a mysterious plane crash lost his life exactly two months earlier before the CIA assassins killed the President of Panama Omar Torrijos.

In Saudi Arabia, King Faisal was assassinated by his own nephew educated in recently in United States. The cause of assassination was the pivotal role of King Faisal in the very imposition of Oil embargo in 1973. The raison detre was the US continuous support both militarily & economically to Israel in the Arab Israel war of 1973.

To safeguard their strategic & economic interests in Middle East they assassinated King Faisal. Then for boosting & developing the Saudi economy, they sent EHMs teams including Perkins one, to Ale-Saud to ensnare them in their web via tactics both moral & immoral. The weak point was given to them by the Prince himself (‘for blonde women’).

US also supported and raised then Mujahedeen Movement of Afghanistan. They actively persuaded the Saudi Royals to finance Osama bin Laden movement against USSR. The Two collaborators disbursed 3.5 USSD billion for this ‘’movement’’. These freedom fighters or Mujahedeen were later on chased & killed under the disgusting name of Terrorists & Terrorism when the mission of USSR dismemberment completed.

The success of EHMs in Saudi Arabia impelled the US administration to encircle the then Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein who is in the middle of Middle East sharing borders with Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, & also with KSA. The distance between Iraq-Israel (567 kilometers) and USSR-Iraq (5330 kilometers) was too short for a fighter jet!!

United States F-4 Phantom II top speed was 2717 km/h while Soviet Union MIG-23 speed was 2500 km/h.

In such scenario a disobedient the oil rich Iraq would be a potential threat to the very survival of US interest in the Middle East due to its close ties with former Soviet Union. Controlling Iraq would act as a strategic leverage to United States against Moscow.

Therefore, teaching a lesson to Iraq was must. In 1990 and 2003 Iraq was attacked by the then US administration. Both father & son, Bush senior & junior, used their power for the extension & strength of their US Empire at the cost of poor innocent Iraqis.    

To be, or not to be

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