The curve of political trends?

Political trend or trends describes how the government, an institution, a political party, and politicians are going to act in the future. Like weather forecasting, it predicts the future and near-future outcome of any political system or entity. Political parties, politicians, their donors, and possibly their voters, too, observe and watch such trends helping them […]

Energy in Politics. Energy for Politics

What is energy Politics? The use and leverage provided by energy whether it is in hydro carbons or in any other form is called energy Politics. It gives political, economic and military magnitude to a country in regional and global politics. In last two decades the excessive consumption of rising economies like China, Brazil and […]

The X factor of Politics

1. The X factor In mathematics, the unknown missing element or quantity is denoted by X which become visible only when you solve the whole equation and comes to a fixed known values. Thus unknown becomes known!  While the lexicographers define that any person or circumstances which has a strong but unpredictable effect or influence […]

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